Contest: Enter Twitch’s 2 Million Twitter Follower Sweepstakes

Yesterday Twitch hit 2 Million Followers on Twitter. They tweeted out they would let all their followers know how to win special prizes for them hitting 2 Million Followers. Earlier this afternoon they tweeted out a special link, all you have to do is follow their social media accounts and you will be entered. Click the link below to check out their Twitch Swag page, good luck to everyone!

Click Here to Sign Up For The Twitch Sweepstakes

Sign up to follow any (or all) of these accounts (@TwitchESPORTS, @TwitchPoker, @TwitchFM, Twitch Facebook, & Twitch Instagram) to be entered to win awesome Twitch gear: including custom Twitch Turtle Beach Headsets, Twitch Shirts, bags, pins, Turbo codes, & more!

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