Ellohime Partners With Teepublic – Releases First T-Shirt Campaign

Today, Ellohime announced he has partnered with Teepublic to launch his broadcaster merchandise online store. He took to Twitter to discuss the new partnership and announced his first campaign release. Below you can find the text from the TwitLonger, click the link below to purchase from his brand new Teepublic store!

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: NEW SHIRT! Teepublic Partnership and T-Shirt Store!

This is the future of T-Shirts for Ellohime fans on Twitch. After many months of hard work, we have a program to give you guys the best experience possible when buying T-shirts. We literally built this from the ground up especially for streamers and their fans. You can now purchase shirts (even the original old tees that are NOT being sold anywhere) on my store. Every purchase helps support the me. I can even add shirts onto my store from other streamers or artists and BOTH get support without taking revenue away from anyone. It gives incentive to promote everyones artwork and t-shirts, even from other streams!

You wanted options? There are a TON! Hoodies, womens tees, basically everything and in MANY different colors! Shirts are either $14 or $20 depending on complexity of the image, so they are as affordable or cheaper than Teespring.

Our first campaign is the “STAY STRONG” shirt. People come in all the time with their problems. I know a lot of you are going through stuff and I can’t always be there to help everyone. I wanted to make a tee that you guys could have that would remind you to stay strong and brighten your day. The shirt is based off the motivational speeches I give to some of these individuals (example: Its full of ninja babies, dinosaurs, guns, and badassness. It also has some easter eggs in there (ice cream cone for the bonus cum shirt that was cancelled and 300 on the ammo box for 300k followers). I hope you guys like it. You can purchase it here if you want one:

There will be more shirts added soon, some that I love from other artists and some made especially for the fans of the broadcast! Check it out, its well worth the time if you wanted some sweet coverings for your body. HUGE PROPS TO OMEED FOR THE HARD WORK HE PUT INTO THIS PROGRAM! He had streamers in mind and repped us well.

Much love!

Adam (Ellohime)

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