DJ Wheat Addresses EVO 2015 Source Quality Paywall

Earlier today on the Twitch Subreddit, a post was made about the EVO 2015 Source Quality Paywall. Many expressed their dissatisfaction on the paywall, with the Twitch Subreddit post hitting close to 100 comments. Twitch employee DJ Wheat addressed the Subscription Source Quality Paywall which can be seen below. Do you agree with the Source Quality Paywall? Give your opinion on the Twitch Subreddit.

DJ Wheat on Source Quality Paywall:

“Paywall capabilities have been around for about as long as the Subscription product itself. MOST broadcasters choose to not use them, but the option is there.
I wanted to address the folks who were “annoyed and/or disappointed with Twitch” in the comments. First of all, Twitch never dictates what a partner can or cannot do with their own subscription product (outside basic Rules). In every channel that has a subscription button, this is dictated by the broadcaster and ONLY the broadcaster. As such, EVO dictated the $12 price tag as well as the paywall for source.

It should also be noted that the few folks who are saying “Twitch/EVO is greedy” must not know that 100% of the proceeds will go to the Evo Scholarship Fund. This is a community funded initiative that gives Fighting Game players and fans the opportunity to send someone to college who otherwise couldn’t.
Thanks for understanding and I’m happy to answer any additional questions anyone may have.”

“It’s been a pretty standard behavior during esports events for quite some time. It’s more akin to PPV (WWE, UFC, etc) but with the ability to at least see it even if you don’t subscribe. I can certainly understand your dissatisfaction and that’s probably why you don’t see this with our non-esports broadcasters.”

“It’s no problem. I just want to make sure people have the right information. Video Quality Paywall was introduced back in 2012. I could go into my channel right now and paywall Source for my subscription if I wanted to. The reason you probably haven’t heard about it (or seen it) is because it’s NOT typical behavior from the broadcasters you see on a daily basis. It’s mostly adapted by Esports tournaments or big festivals who will wrap other benefits around subscription (i.e. The FF14 Fan Festival where subscribing also granted you a bunch of in-game items). EVO actually did this last year as well.”

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