DJ CUTMAN is Giving DJ Lessons on Adobe’s Twitch Channel from July 19th – 21st

If you haven’t had the chance to catch one of DJ CUTMAN’s live sets, you’re missing out some sick video game beats.

But don’t worry because from July 19th to the 21st he will be live streaming on Adobe’s Twitch Channel to create an amalgamation of both music and visuals.

If you are an aspiring DJ who wants to learn the process or plan on jamming out to some sweet tunes, be sure to watch this series of streams.

July 19: Animated Album Art – Part 1

Let there be tunes; let there be 8-bit music. Day one of CUTMAN’s stream will be about laying down the foundations for the piece, starting with music selection and creation, implementing some 3rd party audio tools. He’ll begin the image layout process, working in After Effects and Photoshop, touching upon some of the ways he approaches sync-for-visuals when it comes to beat-based music.

July 20: Animated Album Art – Part 2

Now you see it; now you feel it. Day two will focus on refining timings, audio interactivity and adding expressions in After Effects, set to a musical soundtrack. Instrumentation controls the animation; watch and learn how this technique really resonates with viewers, grabs attention and excites an audience.

July 21: Animated Album Art – Part 3

In this last installment working towards the final edit, DJ CUTMAN will give insight on how to create sonically-charged, visually dynamic experiences, diving further into his finishing process and sharing thoughts on bringing games, audio and animation together for the next generation of connected creatives.

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