Discord Teases Upcoming Features Including Search, Screen Share, Video Chat & More

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Now that 2016 is almost over, companies are starting to gear up for the upcoming year.

Discord decided that it was a perfect time to tease some upcoming features that users can expect to see in the upcoming year.

In 2017, Discord users can expect:

  • Search – You’ll be able to browse through history using numerous qualifiers. Making it easier to find past conversation.
  • Screen Share and Video Chat –  Each person in the group can decide to share their screen or their video camera feed.
  • Audit Log – Audit logs will show a record of all administrative action to those who have acces to server settings.
  • Channel Categories – Channel categories will add the ability to organize both voice and text channels into collapsible channels, allowing server owners to better organize their channels.

We look forward to seeing what Discord has to offer in 2017!

via Discord

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