Discord Releases Official Unofficial API

Programmers rejoice! With the rising popularity of the newest gaming chat software, Discord, comes questions regarding creating custom bots and add-ons. Discord has now brought to light their unofficial API which can be used to further customize your favorite Discord channels.

Their blog post gives examples of custom bots that are already utilizing the API and which are available for use. Discord plans to release a future official API soon, stay tuned for future details. The link to the official blog post is provided below.

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How to get started

To get started, check out this list of libraries you can use to develop with. I’ve included the developers name who created them. Credit is due where credit is due!

To join the conversation with other devs, join the unofficial official Discord API chat.


For a list of Feature Comparisons for the individual libraries, check out this link: (@abalabahaha)

.Net (C#/VB.Net/F#)

Discord.Net – – (@Voltana)
DiscordSharp – – (@Axiom)


go-discord – – (@steelou)
discordgo – – (@Skippy (siacn))


Discord4J –
JDiscord – – (@Ghost)

Node.js – – (@izy521)
discord.js – – (@hydrabolt)
discordie – – (@#q)


discordphp – – (@Uniquoooo)
discord-hypertext – – (@Cleanse)

Python – – (@Danny)


discordrb – – (@meew0)


discord-akka – – (@ceezy)

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