Discord Adds Recent Mentions List, Mentions Filter, & More in their Latest Update

Yesterday, Discord pushed a new update for recent mentions. It’s a new list that lets you quickly see all of the mentions you’ve received.

Along with the recent mentions list update you can find the patch notes below. For the full read head over to their blog.

  • Recent Mentions list lets you quickly see all of the mentions you’ve received. Great for keeping up with friends who aren’t playing Overwatch while you’re grinding 39 to 40 to 39 to 40 for hours and yelling at your screen. As requested by you guys!
  • Mentions Filters let you focus on what you missed in one server. You can even exclude @everyone and @role mentions if you’re a mod and don’t care anymore.
  • Pinned Messages are cool but kinda secret. In the interest of not keeping secrets, a red badge now shows up when the pins for a channel change. This is for all those OCD badge clickers like me.
  • Verification Levels are now enforced for starting a direct message conversation. It’s bacon! Bacon bacon bacon.
  • Attenuate your system volume when you speak, not just when others speak. No more YELLING OVER THE SOUND OF Winston punching you in the face.

via Discord Blog

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