Discord Adds League of Legends Account Syncing, Virus Scan, and More

Discord seems to update their software at lightspeed, always trying to improve their client based up their communities feedback.

Their newest update brings a ton of useful features, especially if you are a League of Legends fan:

  • Sync your League of Legends friends and find which Summoners are also using Discord (Windows only).
  • Virus Scan will now trigger on our backend whenever an executable or archive is uploaded. The internet is spooky so we wanna make Discord less spooky.
  • Android Do not disturb and invisible statuses now available in case you’re feeling antisocial.
  • Android lets you respond to friend suggestions.
  • Manage Roles and Members on iOS. The power is in the palm of your hand!
  • Still don’t have our mobile app? They’re super free for both iOS and Android.
  • Discord connects about half a second faster.
  • Tweets with videos should now play inline on Discord.

via Discord

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