DansGaming Horror Month Twitch Clips – Week 3

We are already done with three weeks of DansGaming’s Horror Month marathon!

We searched all across social media and Twitch to find some of the best moments from the last week during his marathon to share with everyone in our third part of our compilation.

If you Clip moments throughout next week of DansGaming’s Horror Month be sure to send us a tweet for it to be featured. Enjoy week 3’s highlight reel.

Watch last weeks Horror Month Clips Week 2

Clipped by BEARocrat

Clipped by NaSh_kRaP

Clipped by FreakishAlloy

Clipped by Exyth_

Clipped by sailboat37

Clipped by Dalset

Clipped by FreakishAlloy

Clipped by Tyrog_

Clipped by FreakishAlloy

Clipped by KillerGymSox

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