DansGaming Horror Month Twitch Clip Highlight Reel – Week 1

It’s hard to believe that DansGaming has been running Horror Month for almost two weeks already!

Every week during Horror7 Month we will search through Twitch and various social medias to provide for you the best moments of the event from both “new” and “old” Dan.

If you Clip any awesome moments throughout the upcoming week during DansGaming’s Horror Month be sure to send us a Tweet for it to be featured. Enjoy week 1’s highlight reel.

Clipped by Bubatko

Clipped by suicidaljoker7

Clipped by Marty20k

Clipped by NaSh_kRaP

Clipped by NaSh_kRaP

Clipped by FreakishAlloy

Clipped by LoDDhal

Clipped by The_alfa123

Clipped by Tyrog_

Clipped by ModsLove

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