Congrats to mcul_ for Winning r/Twitch’s Bi-weekly Highlight Contest

If you didn’t know, every two weeks r/Twitch runs a highlight and creative contest that any broadcaster can enter. If you have an awesome highlight that you want to share make sure to enter! mcul_ is the bi-weekly contest winner with his “Speaking of Horses” highlight. Below you can watch the winning submission, as well as view the rules and rewards.

Click here to watch the winning highlight

Via r/Twitch

The Rules:

  • One highlight submission per contest.
  • The highlight must be your own.
  • The target maximum length is around 2 minutes
  • The highlight can be from any past, present or future broadcast.
  • If you won in the past you may not compete again.
  • The highlight must be on Twitch and not another video service.
  • If your content is NSFW (profanity) please mark it as such.

The Rewards:

  • Your channel gets featured on the next Bi-Weekly Highlight Contest on r/Twitch and your highlight will be on the sidebar for a month. We’re hoping this brings your channel some attention.
  • If you have posted an introduction on TwitchDB we will post your intro in the announcement when you win!
  • (This is from Atrioc) Barring any unforeseen circumstances or particularly NSFW winners, we’d like to post the winning highlight on our official @Twitch Twitter and Facebook and link out to the winner’s stream. Hopefully this extra bump in promotion encourages more people to enter and provides the winner with some well-deserved exposure!
  • Reddit gold depending on Tarfus discretion.

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