CohhCarnage Completes The Twitch Two Year Challenge

Today was a very special day for CohhCarnage, he completed the Twitch Two Year Challenge. This is a challenge that takes very hard work and dedication, we would like to congratulate Cohh on the Twitch Milestone.

During his special day, Cohh, always a community man first, gave away 5 $50 steam gift cards, along with an Xbox One! Along with the awesome giveaways he also announced a new system for his community created by the very talented Barry Carlyon. We contacted Barry and he broke it down below:

“Basically, the system is designed so that community members can still be notified about community giveaways that happen during Fallout 4 and upcoming streams, and avoid spoilers from watching Cohh, as quite a lot of the community are looking forward to playing Fallout 4 for themselves. Currently it’s locked to Dual Subscribers, people who are both Twitch Subs and Website subs, as we are always looking for ways to add value to the Website sub, beyond what we already have.”

Congrats again to Cohh, at the end of his stream he announced he will be starting his second 2 year Twitch Challenege starting January 1st 2016.

Watch the beginning of Cohh’s memorable Twitch Two Year Challenge Twitch stream celebration here.

Thanks to Cohh’s mod team for the collage images 😀


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