Bungie Announces Twitch API Integrations, Account Linking & New In-Game Emblem for Destiny

The Destiny community on Twitch is a tight-knit bunch that is not only welcoming but unlike any other on the entire site.

Today during their weekly This Week at Bungie community article Bungie announced future integration with Twitch.

The Companion team is always looking for ways to promote you, our fans and content creators. We hope that this next addition to your Creations will give you another medium to create some of the most elaborate and enjoyable content we’ve seen. Get out there and share your legend. You can’t stop the signal. – Companion Designer John Stvan

The Creations page within Bungie’s main website is a great play to browse fan art, videos, and soon a place new place to find Twitch streamers. Next week Bungie is adding a place to browse streamers based on following, trending status, or preferred activities.


While watching your desired streamer, you will also be able to contribute to the conversation in their Twitch chat, inspect their Guardian build, and find links to their channel so you can support them.

While inspecting their build, if you click on an item they have equipped, you’ll be able to see their item roll. Which will allow you to analyze their fighting style while saving them from having to answer recurring questions.


In order to participate in chat or add your own Twitch channel, you need to link your accounts. To do this, head over to your profile page and opt in. Once you’ve established the Twitch integration you’ll be able to host your own stream from your profile page when the features go live.

Destiny streamers can also look forward to the new in-game emblem that can be unlocked when you stream 77 non-consecutive hours on a channel linked to a account.


Bungie is making great strides to provide the best community experience for their Destiny fans. These updates are both innovative and exciting!

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