Beware: There Is A Fake Razer Sponsorship Email Being Sent To Twitch Streamers

Over the past few days a fake Razer sponsorship has been making its rounds to Twitch Streamers.

The email claims to be a representative from Razer offering sponsorships that were sent by their “Scout Agent”

  • First and foremost, the email came from a gmail address ([email protected]). If someone is contacting you on behalf of Razer they will have a Razer email address ([email protected]). They also wouldn’t spell their own company name wrong. (See full email below)
  • Second, the company states they are Razerzone Ltd. While many might not know the actual business registration name, it should be known Razer is registered as Razer USA Ltd dba Razer Inc.
  • Lastly, Daniel Werth is not employed by Razer. Forbes has confirmed from an official Razer spokesperson.

Please be careful and always make sure to double check everything. It is important you protect the information you worked so hard to build.

via Forbes

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