Before Jumping Up For Joy On The Twitch Name Change Feature – Read The Guide

Woo Hoo! Twitch name changes are finally here! But before you change your name you might want to read and consider the following.

All the information below was pulled from the education portal. For the full article click here to read it.

Before changing usernames, all broadcasters should be aware of a few key facts and known issues that may impact your account:

  • If you change your name, you will lose access to your broadcaster stats associated with your old name. If you want to preserve your broadcast stats, you must export your stats prior to the name change.
  • Your channel URL will not redirect to your new name. You will need to update the URL anywhere you are using it.
  • Some of your channel page assets will not be available. Be sure you have saved all of your assets including banners, copy, and profile images, so that you can upload them again once the new channel page is created.

And if you are a Partner, the following also should be noted:

  • Your revenue will not be impacted. We want to stress that a name change will lead to absolutely no loss of revenue. However, for the day you made the name change, ad revenue from viewers on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Live from Playstation, and Android TV may be delayed. This will only impact ad revenue on the day that you changed your name, and you will not permanently lose any revenue. Subscription and bits revenue will not be impacted.
  • Your old username will not be recycled. Except in special circumstances, your username will not be made available again to anyone else.
  • Your subscription name will not change. Because of this, when you receive payments from Twitch, it will still have your old username on the statement. This, unfortunately, will never change.

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