Aureylian Discusses Everything You Need To Know About Community Meetups & Community Programs

At PAX South 2017 during the Twitch Town Hall, Aureylian discussed the community meetups that have been happening around the world.

If you missed it, she recapped the topic during Twitch Weekly. She also shared the Official Twitter list that include all the meetups that are powered by Twitch.

To apply for entrance into the Community MeetUps, Powered by Twitch program, please visit and submit your application. If you have questions, please feel free to email [email protected]

As currently constructed, this program outlines that Twitch will:

  • Provide limited use of the “Powered by Twitch” logos (to be used only in association with the meet-up).
  • Provide swag bags for the event for use at each group’s discretion (total number varies depending on the size of the group, but typically about 10 per event).
  • Promote the event via social media and/or Twitch Weekly
    allow use of the name “Twitch” in social media (such as @TwitchSeattle on Twitter, and in websites).

In exchange, the MeetUp will:

  • Brand the event as “ Community MeetUp, Powered by Twitch”.
  • Abide by the Twitch Trademark and Brand guidelines (which means, aside from the “Powered by Logo”, no use of the “Twitch” or “Glitch” logos.
  • No use of any of the emotes under Twitch’s copyright, and proper use of all color schemes).
  • Keep the event either all-ages or 18 and free of charge.
  • Obtain approval from Twitch for all sponsorships and keeping sponsors associated with the event endemic to the gaming culture.
  • Post and enforce an Events Rules of Conduct at each event.
  • Put on at least 2 events per calendar year.

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