Audio-Technica did a short Q&A With Twitch Broadcaster Summit1G

Audio-Technica caught up with Summit1G for a quick Q&A on their blog. Summit was recently added to the roster of sponsored Audio-Technica broadcasters. We’ve pulled a few of our favorite questions from the interview below. For the full read head over to Audio-Technica’s blog.

AT: First to start things off, where did the moniker Summit1G come from?

Summit1G: I originally chose it as a Counter Strike name, really just a random name I picked. I was looking for a name that no one else had used.

AT: With over a million followers on Twitch, what’s a typical day for you look like?

Summit1G: My days involve LOTS of streaming…it’s pretty much eat, sleep and game. You wake up, shower, get ready, watch other streamers to warm up, stream for 8-10 hours, get off and eat dinner, hang with my wife, watch TV, then sleep.

Click here for the full Q&A

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