Apply To Open Your Own DBH Gaming Web Store

Having a merchandise store for your community can be very beneficial for both parties. It creates an added source of revenue for the broadcaster and allows community members to represent your brand off stream. Below are a few of the perks you could receive if you get approved for a DBH Gaming web store. Click the link below to apply.

Click here to apply

  • Sell Custom Designed Apparel on your own DBH Store
  • Upload Designs and Promote Within Minutes
  • DBH Processes Transactions, Prints, Fulfills, Handles Customer Service, Returns and Exchanges
  • Stats and visibility on your sales and traffic
  • Monthly Royalties Paid Via Paypal

Other Opportunities:

  • Branded and themed stores for high volume brands
  • Run giveaways and promotions to highlight your store
  • International Artist Community to create designs — DBH handles curation
  • Inclusion in our 2015 Gaming Initiatives
  • Potential for pre-order items, such as jerseys, peripherals, all-over designs and other items not part of our on-demand offering
  • Social media placement and promotion

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