A TwitchCon 2015 Perspective – The Energy From Behind The Computer Screen

I have such a bittersweet feeling after being glued to my computer screen all weekend watching TwitchCon and seeing all of the amazing pictures on Twitter. From the perspective of an audience member, it looked like an absolute BLAST. A lot of my Twitch friends ended up going to TwitchCon this year and from what I have heard, the atmosphere was like none other. The thing is, they didn’t need to describe it to me because, I already knew. It was the weirdest thing, but when DJ Wheat walked on that stage and rocked that keynote I could feel the energy. That feeling never left, as I tuned into the panels and various theaters on the front page.

When I wasn’t watching Twitch I was on Twitter, looking at all the pictures people posted about what they were doing, who they were with, who they met, and how great the Twitch community is. The various communities are more than a form of entertainment, it is a family. What better way to meet them then at a venue where everyone is at? I wish the best success to future TwitchCon’s and hopefully will be able to attend them in the coming years.

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