5 Awesome Twitch Streamers to Follow on Snapchat

Snapchat has made its way into the top 5 most popular social network apps in the world.

Not only can you follow your favorite celebrities, you can also send fun Snaps and messages to your friends.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 super awesome broadcasters to follow on Snapchat along with an explanation of why.

Whip out your phone, take a picture of their GhostCode and enjoy!


Reason to follow: Swiftor brings you along on all his adventures, whether it be traveling for Twitch, catching the rarest Pokemon or letting his community members know when his broadcast starts.


Reason to follow: Shannon is the Twitch Community Manager of Education. On her Snap she gives a behind the scenes look at her daily routines, her awesome Keto recipes and of course all things Twitch!


Reason to follow: Tucker puts together some pretty funny Snaps. It’s a nice look into his life with his amazing cooking skills, his travel adventures, and of course our favorite his dog Grizz.


Reason to follow: Futureman gives his community members a look into the future on his Snapchat. No really, he does, it’s quite amazing how he pulls it off. You can expect some Nice Moves on his daily adventures and awesome singing moments.


Reason to follow: Ally kills it on the Snap. Videos of her fat cat Leo are always fun to watch along with her knife bearing skills. She always keeps it entertaining, just like her stream!

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