10 Takeaways from Bobby Scar’s Dropped Frames Discussion on Cheering/Bits

Dropped Frames hosted their show today with Twitch Product Manager Bobby Scar. Diving straight into discussion, Scar touched on the procedure and structure of the Cheering/Bits program.

1. As explained on Dropped Frames, Cheering is a new platform for the broadcaster and his/her community.

2. Thinking long term, Twitch wants to further Cheering and create a reward system out of Bits. In the future, community members will be rewarded for participating in channels (even some free ways) with Bits, but there is currently no ETA on this system.

3. Twitch will build the program based on feedback users submit via the Survey, but will prioritise feedback from broadcasters currently in the beta

4. The roll out of Cheering, Scar explained, had to be careful and diligent in order to properly analyze and refine the program.

5. Adding more partnered streamers to the beta program would create too much risk and uncertainty with its implementation. The chosen partners will be US centric for the meanwhile, with an assorted mix of testers of high and low viewerships, games, and personalities.

6. In addition to future Bit features, there may be inter-stream/multiple-user Cheering (@replying the broadcaster and Cheering for them from another stream).

7. Revenue splits vary based on Cheering’s utility in relation to the broadcaster. Think: how beneficial will this program be to a specific broadcaster?

8. Scar said there is a possibility that the net revenue (profit) from this program will be reinvested into the community members.

9. In future Bits will be customizable for partnered streamers in the program, allowing room for design changes (ie: custom bit emotes).

10. The monetary logistics of this program are still developing and Twitch hopes to have a more polished product sooner rather than later.

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