TwitchCon 2017

TwitchCon 2017 Day 1 – It’s Dangerous to Go Full-Time! Take This Business Advice

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Think you’re ready to take your streaming business full time? How do you handle the legal fine print, business finance realities, and mental preparation you need to go out on your own? This session will focus on the financial, legal, and business setup steps that streamers should consider before making the leap to full time. While each broadcaster’s journey is a little different, there are some key elements they cannot afford to miss.
The four panelists include an attorney, a financial planner, N3RDFUSION’s VP of Business Development, and a full-time partnered streamer. With a diverse range of perspectives, they’ll be able to give great insight in the planning that goes on behind the stream. The information shared will be extremely valuable to anyone hoping to go full time and even those who have already made the leap. The goal of this panel is to help clear up these complex topics so they become less of a hurdle for aspiring broadcasters! Both Partners and Affiliates, especially with recent Affiliate monetization features, would benefit from this session. Even those who aren’t yet considering going full time will get helpful information they can use to prepare themselves when the time comes!

Session Hosts:  TheHunterWildGalen Herbst de CortinajulianN3FShengAtLaw

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