Twitch Community Manager ShannonZKiller Wrote a “Guide to Cheering (Beta)”

For those who are confused on the new Cheering feature on Twitch. ShannonZKiller wrote a very thorough “Guide to Cheering (Beta)” guide.

This article explains what Cheering is, how to Cheer on Twitch, and other useful information. Below you can find a helpful hint when Cheering on Twitch.

Helpful Hint:

Using random numbers works, but currently there is no difference in the Bits emotes within the same tier (but keep experimenting, this may change!). The max Bits per emote is cheer10000, and the max Bits per chat message is 100,000 (to use more than 10,000 in one Cheer, use multiple Bits emotes in a single chat message). If you type cheer1000 or more by mistake and hit enter, a countdown timer allows you 5 seconds to cancel before it will appear in chat.

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