TransientGamers Put Together An In-Depth Pro-Audio Guide


1. This is not for beginners and wouldn’t work with USB microphones.
2. By design, it’s going to be more expensive out of the available current audio options.

Now that we got that disclaimer out of the way, TransientGamers put together great audio guides on the Twitch Subreddit this past week. Part I of his audio guide discussed gear philosophy and choosing the right mic. He’s back with part II, this time talking about compressors and dynamics. This guide has great information, a bit on the technical side but is very helpful for those who need guidance.

Keep in mind that this is fairly high-end. Many mixers would have compressors/limiters built in without it being a separate piece of gear. This is typically for people wanting pro level audio.

Click here to read Part 1: gear philosophy and choosing the right mic
Click here to read Part 2: compressors and dynamics

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