TwitchCon 2017

The H1Z1 Invitational Returns to TwitchCon 2017 With Three Tournaments

The H1Z1 invitational will be making its return to TwitchCon 2017 with three tournament, All-Stars, Legends and Challengers with a prize pool of $500K!

  • All-Stars: 60 of your favorite H1Z1 and Twitch personalities will be invited to compete in the All-Stars tournament, battling it out in a kill-or-be-killed spectacle for fame, glory, and a piece of the prize pool.
  • Legends: 60 of the best H1Z1 players will fight in the LEGENDS TOURNAMENT, competing against some of the best in the world for fame, glory, and a piece of the prize pool.
  • Challengers: Qualifiers are open to all eligible TwitchCon on-site attendees on Friday and Saturday, with top players advancing to the finals on Sunday. There’s $50,000 UP FOR GRABS, so check back for more information on how to sign up!

For the full rundown of the 2017 Invitational, head over to H1Z1’s blog post. Make sure to scroll to the bottom for the FAQ’s.

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