Streamer News Guide: Twitch Global Emotes – What They Mean & When To Use Them

To some, understanding what the Twitch Global Emotes mean and how to use them could be daunting. There are so many emotes to choose from, and when a Twitch user first enters chat, sometimes it is nothing but an onslaught of emotes. For those who are new Twitch users, we pulled together some of the most used emotes, the meaning, and when to use them. Check out the guide below.

Kappa1Kappa – Trolling or Sarcasm

kreygasm Kreygasm – Pleasure or Relief

PogChamp PogChamp – Astonishment or Excitement

BibleThump BibleThump – Sadness or Crying

FailFish  FailFish – Face palm or Failure

ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper – Sleeping or Boredom

DansGame DansGame – Disgust or Confusion

WutFace WutFace – Startled or Scared

4Head1 4Head – Laughing or (sometimes) Sarcasm

PJSalt PJSalt – Salty or Angry

BabyRage BabyRage – Whining or Crying

NotLikeThis NotLikeThis – Stressed or Anxious

OpieOP OpieOP – Smug or Sarcasm

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