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Check Out Mape’s Stream Poll Overlay for OBS

Ended soon

Reddit user mape_ has built a stream poll overlay with different game themes that allows users to gather feedback from your chat in a quick and easy way.


How to create a poll:

  1. Go to and login with your Twitch account (no extra permissions required)
  2. Copy & paste the overlay link into a browser source in OBS
  3. Create a new poll and it should show up on your stream

How people vote:

  • Viewers vote by typing in Twitch chat.
  • If you for example create a question about "Should we try another character?" 1. Yes, 2. No. A viewer could either type 1 or Yes into chat to vote for the first option.
  • Viewers are limited to one vote per poll

Make your own theme:

  1. Select “Custom” theme in the dashboard
  2. On your<id>/ URL add ?customCss=
  3. You can base your theme on this file: themeTemplate.css

via /r/Twitch


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