Our New Community Director Introduces the Next Chapter of Streamer News

Hey everyone!

My name is Moblord. And I’d like to welcome you to the new direction that Streamer News will be taking that we’re super excited to unveil today. It’s been a long time in the process but we want to announce now before the craziness that is E3.

  • First of all, I’m here. That alone is a change. Because while I’ve guest-written in the past, I’m now in a leadership role. My official title will be Community Director and I’ll be working alongside Chris on the direction of the site, new initiatives, and writing new content.
  • Second, you’ll start to notice some site changes. One of the changes is already in place and that is a new “Education” navigation section. There’s not really much there now, but we’re going to be highlighting the best educational content from community and producing some of our own educational resources to start filling this area very soon.
  • Third, we’re launching a weekly show! No firm timeline on this yet but the Streamer News show will be dedicated to reactions and deep dives on the news items we cover, lead primarily by our staff with occasional relevant guests.
  • Last, we’re changing the format of our posts. Fewer quick reposts of the news you could find elsewhere and more deep-dives, researched articles, reactions, analysis, and opinion pieces. It will still be a mixture but there’s a lot of topics that really deserve full investigative journalism to get to the bottom of topics in the community and we don’t feel that need has been covered well previously.

Now I’m sure some of you are probably wondering…

But Moblord, you have too many jobs. How are you going to do this and be an Admin too?

Well, the sad news is that I am still human so I do need time to eat, sleep, and spend time with family. So the second part of my announcement is that my last day being associated as part of the Twitch Moderation Team will be tomorrow, the 9th. It’s been a heck of a ride and I wish those guys all the best, because they truly do a difficult, thankless job and do it well. The last year and a half with the Admin team has been life-changing and amazing and I’m going to miss working side-by-side with them, but I’ll still be present in the community, so it’s not really goodbye. But it will be interesting going back to no badges in chat and resuming the pleb life. It was a difficult decision, but I’m still excited for Twitch’s future and I stepped down on good terms.

My goal in the Twitch community has always been to go where I can be of use to the most people at once that I can be. Regardless on if there’s any money in it for me or not. I still have a day job, so I’ve never been too concerned about the financials. And right now, I feel like my place is here on this platform where I can inform, educate, connect, and illuminate others. Because what could be better than that?

I’m grateful to Chris and the SN team he’s assembled for their great work on the platform so far, and I look forward to taking it to the next level.

For those who don’t know me, I’ve included a biography of what I’m about at the end. It’s fine if you don’t read it. But my hope is that I can engage with you, the community, and find out how we can be the best we can be to serve you better over the upcoming months. Starting with E3 recaps that I’m planning to write up after each showcase this weekend!

My DMs and whispers are always open,
— Moblord, Community Director



Moderation Twitch Admin – Winter 2015 until… tomorrow

Twitch Global Mod – Fall 2015

Channel/Event Moderator – Moderated up to 50 channels until July 2016 with I retired.

Management Have managed a handful of personal channels, which led to team manager for O-Team stream team.

I was also one of the original staff for OPG, a full-service streamer management agency.

More recently, I’m a team manager for The Party, since March of 2016.

Consulting Have consulted with a wide range of streaming-based service companies, such as TwitchAlerts, StageTEN, GameWisp, Bebo, Twinge, and others to offer feedback and act as a community resource.
Education Have written resources for, StreamerNews, and on my personal site for education of various Twitch-related topics.

Have led a training seminar weekend for the game developer company NCSoft on the topic of beginner broadcasting.

I’ve also appeared on panels related to beginner broadcasting tips.

In my day job, I’ve worked as an Instructional Designer for the past 7 years. And worked in educational technology and training for the 7 years prior to that.


Community Management I’m the group leader and primary organizer for the ViewBoat cruise project, a shared broadcaster vacation which will be operating annually with an initial voyage this December. We currently have roughly 220 guests confirmed, the majority being Twitch Partners.

I created the fitness community #SweatPurple, which is due for a comeback in light of the previously-mentioned cruise.

I’m also involved with the Twitch STL community group in my hometown.

Data Studies I am the founder of StreamStudy, an independent community data-gathering project who was the first group to accurately tackle gender on Twitch with an infographic and follow-up survey. Although the group of 20+ volunteers is largely inactive now, I still consult with other data study firms, such as Charles River Analytics on topics related to toxicity and gender.
Podcasts I’ve been a guest on a variety of podcast shows such as: StreamCoachTV, Twitch Talks Tonight, Twitch Livespace, and Real Talk.

I was also a host of the podcast series StreamerSpace with Chris from Streamer News and Daniel from Livespace.

Other I broadcast once a year, whether I need it or not. I also make gifs, salsa, and dad jokes (which is allowed, since I’m a recent father of a cute kid known to the community as Moblet).

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