All-In-One Dashboard Solution Layer One Offers First Public Beta

Layer One is an online streaming support software for content creators. They recently announced their open beta is now live!

It has been in closed development for the past year. Co-founders Josh Belkin and Thom Swann have been anxiously working to create a unique all-in-one dashboard solution.

Along with the open beta, an updated moderator feature will be available at launch.

With the launch of Layer One’s open beta, users can sign up for free to gain access to a dashboard designed to consolidate everything a streamer needs while live into one location. With an initial offering of over 50 interchangeable “cards” each displaying unique information such as live viewership breakdowns, chat speed, and real time counters for tips, cheers and more, Layer One offers casters the ability to dive into the metrics and information relevant to them during or after cast from a single dashboard window.

Their goal is to “help broadcasters engage their audience and give them a single view,” says Chief Technology Officer Thom Swann.

Layer One supports linking of third party solutions such as Muxy, Streamtip and more to reduce as many programs on a broadcaster’s PC as possible and since Layer One is hosted online, the dashboard can be accessed anywhere — from convention floor to mobile phone.

With launch, users will also have access to the redesigned Moderator tool. Using this tool broadcasters can grant trusted members of their community access to their dashboard, enabling them to not only monitor the cast from behind the scenes, but also update Twitch Pulse posts (including sharing to Twitter,) and Twitch title, game & community on the fly.

For users who want to get the most out of Layer One, there is a $9.99 a month subscription. Layer One Plus users gain additional features such as early access to upcoming features, multiple dashboards, and themes, with more to come.

On the transition from closed to open beta, Chief Executive Officer Josh Belkin said. “Over the last six years I have been striving to keep the broadcasters I have worked with unbound from any one location, system or computer setup. The goal from the start has been to make streaming easy for the broadcaster. Everyone working on Layer One is passionate about enabling others to do more with less effort. We’re extremely excited to open Layer One to more casters — we’re here to help.”

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