Beam Partnership Requirements Are Changing On May 15th 2017

Beam is slowly creeping up on being real competition for Twitch. It may take some time, but it sure is the most promising out of all the other live streaming services.

As Beam grows, so do their partners. They are still working to reward smaller streamers that have great potential without losing the value of having a program that is too hard to get partnered.

New Requirements:

  • Increase from 300-750 followers
  • 30 active viewers to 50

IMPORTANT: If your account was created before March 15, 2017, you have until August 15, 2017 to reach our old Partner requirements.

New Perks for Partners:

  • Eligible to have their streams promoted directly in the Xbox Community Calendar app
  • Eligible to have a promoted stream on Xbox One Dashboard itself

If you want to start a streaming career, Beam is a great place to start. It’s good to get on the ground floor with a company that is bound to grow tremendously.

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