We Spoke To Natalie Casanova About Making The Transition From Live Streaming to Reality TV

Natalie Casanova also known as ZombiUnicorn has created content for a number of years now. Through her experience in the industry it has lead to voice acting, photoshoots with Playboy and now reality TV.

On March 9th, a new reality show titled Kicking and Screaming will premiere on Fox that Natalie will be starring in.

We caught up with Natalie to discuss the transition from live streaming to reality tv, how it affected her community and how this was one of the best experiences of her life.

Interview by: Chris

Streamer News: Hey Nat, for our viewers who aren’t familiar with your content or personality, can you please introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself?

Natalie: My name is Natalie Casanova, I’m a 29-year-old Cuban gamer and voice actor. I have been streaming on Twitch for about 5 years, making content for YouTube for almost just as long.

SN: How did you initially get your start? What inspired you to be a content creator?

N: I started streaming back in the days of closed beta Smite. I wanted to get better at the game so I started watching Lionheart and eventually played with him on stream as well. After being a part of the community for a while, he encouraged me to start my own channel. Soon after I started recording and editing content for YouTube as well. Over the years my channels have evolved into all kinds of content based around one simple theme: having fun.

SN: That’s a good theme to have and amazing how much it has evolved from the Smite days. It was recently announced that you will be on Fox’s new reality show Kicking and Screaming premiering March 9th. Congratulations on that milestone in your career. What was it like making the transition from live streaming to reality tv?

N: Thanks! It’s been really exciting, although the transition has been slow. I moved to LA 2 years ago to expand my career, got a couple gigs here and there hosting a documentary on TV and other random collaborations, but then I landed the reality show last January and left to film it in May. The show was originally supposed to air a lot sooner, however the elections and other factors delayed it until this March.

Unlike prior appearances, this will be my first time on network television – and it’s being aired in primetime as well! It’s nerve-wrecking to think millions of people are going to see me for the first time all stinky and gross living in the jungle haha

SN: Haha, well it sure is exciting to see someone from the community start off live streaming and making their way to prime time television on a major network. You have a tight knit community on Twitch. How hard was it not sharing this information with them?

N: It’s been a challenge keeping the show to myself for sure, especially since I had to leave the internet altogether for an entire month – which is essentially livestreaming suicide. I had no phone, internet or communication with the outside world and all of my channels took a major hit, even lost followers on Twitter and Instagram while I was gone. I’ve been trying to build my community back up ever since, but it’s been difficult when I can’t even tell them why I was gone in the first place!

SN: Yeah we remember seeing you say you’d be gone for a month with little to no detail. We’re glad it was for something awesome. What was your favorite and least favorite part of the entire experience? It’s not everyday that someone from our community makes it on tv

N: My least favorite part of the experience would ultimately be not having food to eat. That’s a big one haha! My favorite part was getting out of my shell and pushing my boundaries. The jungle was life-changing and I’ve learned a lot from my time out there in Fiji.

SN: Yeah not being able to eat food sounds terrible. Especially being in LA where everything is so accessible. Is there anything you can tell us about the upcoming premiere without giving away any secrets?

N: I haven’t seen the final show yet at all, so it will be a huge surprise to me too with all the editing and stuff. All I can say is that it’s gonna be crazy and I’m pretty sure the Twitch community will love our team colors ;D

SN: That’s awesome, we can’t wait to see the premiere at 9PM on Fox!

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