Richard Stanway Shares his USB Bandwidth Management Guide with r/Twitch

Streaming today consists of so many moving parts, and variables, it’s hard to account for all of them when broadcasting. Even if you plan out your cast for months in advance, there is more than likely something you are going to miss or overlook.

Most streamers use a lot of USB devices like wecbams, mics, headsets, capture cards, etc. It’s important to manage how your USB bandwidth is distributed in order to avoid audio/video dropouts, desyncs or even crashes.

I’ve released a modified version of USBView which helps you visualize which devices are sharing bandwidth by being on the same controller. You can then move your devices to spread bandwidth more evenly for the best results.

USB bandwidth is something a lot of streamers wouldn’t think of when troubleshooting a problem with a sound card, capture card, etc. It can be very frustrating and often overlooked. Thanks to Reddit user notR1CH (Twitter: Richard Stanway), we now have a USB Bandwidth Management Guide and USBView software.

Check out the Guide Here


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