Twitch Updates their Twitch Prime FAQ to Address Multiple Prime Account Holders

A couple of weeks after the Twitch Prime announcement, Twitch has updated their FAQs blog post. In the updated FAQs, Twitch’s Robin Fontaine addresses concerns with multiple account holders and how to fix any issues with linking your Amazon Prime account to Twitch. Click Here to See Our Original Post on Twitch Prime FAQs

Q: How do I use Twitch Prime if there are multiple account holders in my household?

A. Twitch Prime benefits can only be redeemed by the primary Amazon Prime account holder. If there are multiple accounts associated with your Amazon Prime account, you need to disconnect your Twitch account from your Amazon account and reconnect it to your primary Amazon Prime account.

To disconnect your account, go to the Connections page in your Settings and uncheck the Amazon box.

You then need to reconnect your Amazon Prime account to Twitch, but this time make sure you select the primary Amazon Prime account holder in order to receive Twitch Prime benefits.”

Click Here to See Twitch Prime FAQs


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