ItmeJP Breaks Down His 2015 Stats and 2016 Content Lineup

Analyzing your numbers as a broadcaster is very important to gauge how much you have grown as a channel. JP sets a great example of breaking down and analyzing his stats from 2015 for Twitch and YouTube. Along with the stats he created a 2015 year in review and 2016 content line up video which can be seen above. Take a look at the stats below.

Below are the takeaway facts:


  • JP streamed 36% more than 2014
  • He tallied 1797 hours total stream time
  • A 21% increase in subscribers
  • A 47% increase in followers


  • 45% increase in content from 2014
  • Average watching time of 21 minutes and 2 seconds
  • Total views increased 33%
  • Average time increased 9%



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